Affiliate Marketing Network – What You Need to Understand About the Affiliate Network

The increasing costs of living urge individuals, even full-time workers, to find other ways of earning extra income. One of the best known ways to earn cash is to engage in affiliate marketing. This is an internet-based marketing practice in which merchants or businesses and their affiliates come together for a single purpose – share profit.

Profit-sharing is possible through this: a business or a merchant rewards its affiliate a percentage or a commission rate every time a sale of its products or a potential is referred to them through the marketing efforts of the affiliate. Merchants place their advertisements in the websites of their affiliates so that they are able to market their products outside of their own websites.

This business model involves the use of an affiliate marketing network. This affiliate network acts as intermediary between affiliates and the merchants. The publishers of the advertisements are the affiliates while the affiliate programs are the merchants.

An affiliate marketing network helps the people find affiliate programs that best suit their websites so that they may reach their target audience. Joining affiliate network is free for publishers while merchants or affiliate programs have to pay a fee before they can join the program.

Setup fees and maintenance fees may be charged to the affiliate program. Affiliate networks differ from one another. The common practice of these networks is to charge a commission rate to the merchant for the marketing efforts of the publishers. Most programs prefer profit sharing minus the cost of each advertising action.